“My experience with Invisalign has overall been very good. Of course dealing with them at restaurants and school can be difficult but the upsides outweigh the bad. They have definitely helped my teeth a great deal with very little pain.”
— Lena Long Beach

“I really like Invisalign because they don’t have a lot of pain and are really easy to use.”
— Tessa Long Beach

“Invisalign is much better than braces! I also love my smile.”
— Taylor Lakewood

“I wore braces as a teenager and now as a 47 year old, my teeth had moved a lot. I am now on my second month of Invisalign and I love them They are super easy to take care of and manage throughout the day. Much better than braces! I have already had a lot of tooth movement and my bite is improving. Some people don’t even realize that I am wearing them!””
— Susie Long Beach

“I like to have Invisalign because I don’t have to have permanent braces so I always have my normal teeth. I also like them because the appointments are quick and it doesn’t hurt to wear them and you can eat whatever you want! I am aa model so it worked out well for photo shoots!”
— Toliver Long Beach

“I am happy to say that my experience with Invisalign was uneventful. I am very happy with the outcome!”
— Laura Long Beach

“Staff is friendly and helpful. I had some old fillings that did not blend well into my teeth and they immediately offered to fix that. They look much better now.”
— Grace Long Beach

“I got Invisalign only a couple of months ago and I am very pleased with the results and fast they worked. I got them because I didn’t want to look like I had braces and now I am so glad I chose Invisalign. It looks better and has the same results.”
— Lindsey Orange

“The entire Invisalign process was even smoother than I expected. The aligners were not noticeable, comfortable and easy to care for. Dr. Garlington and his staff always took the time to explain each and every step of the process. They are all great! I would highly recommend Dr. Garlington and Invisalign to anyone looking to improve their smile!”
— John Long Beach

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