Emergency Orthodontic Care Long Beach, CA

Orthodontic emergencies can occur at any time and usually require immediate attention. In Long Beach, California, you have access to skilled orthodontists who are ready and able to provide prompt and effective emergency care.  

Emergency Orthodontic Care

Understanding Orthodontic Emergencies

An orthodontic emergency is a situation that demands immediate attention due to severe discomfort or potential harm to your oral health. This could include broken wires or brackets on braces. This may cause irritation or injury inside the mouth if not addressed promptly. Other examples of orthodontic emergencies include appliances poking or irritating the gums or teeth, causing pain and discomfort. You may also experience intense localized pain after an adjustment session.  

What To Do During an Orthodontic Emergency?

If you find yourself facing such an issue in Long Beach, it’s essential first to stay calm. Then, contact our office as soon as possible. Our team will make every effort to schedule same-day appointments for urgent cases.  In the case of broken braces, they must be attended to without delay. If one or more brackets become loose, contacting your orthodontist should be your priority. They will need to re-fit your braces.

Severe pain isn’t common during treatment with aligners. Mild discomfort is normal but not shooting pains. Should you begin to feel intense pain, reach out for professional help right away.

When you wear braces, you need to avoid certain foods like popcorn, hard candies, gum, and starch-rich food. This can help you lower your risk of tooth decay and items getting stuck in your braces. Stuck items can cause discomfort and damage to your braces.  If you can’t remove objects lodged within your braces using routine oral hygiene practices or a dental pick, do not hesitate to contact our office. You should never attempt to use sharp objects to remove things from your braces.   

When experiencing an orthodontic emergency in Long Beach, CA, expect attentive, prompt, and compassionate care from our dedicated team. We are committed to helping patients maintain their aligners and continue treatment with the little discomfort possible.  

Orthodontic Treatment Options in Long Beach, CA

In addition to emergency care, our orthodontists in Long Beach also offer a variety of orthodontic treatments. These include traditional, metal, or ceramic braces and Invisalign clear aligners. Additionally, we offer these treatments for both children and adults. The choice of treatment depends on your unique needs. Of course, our orthodontist will evaluate your bite and oral health. 

Invisalign Clear Braces: Invisalign is a discreet orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to shift your teeth into place gradually. We typically use these for minor alignment issues. Also, they work faster than traditional braces.  

Metal or Ceramic Braces: These consist of brackets attached to each tooth with a wire connecting them. They are effective for treating minor to severe tooth misalignment issues.

Regardless of the type of emergency you may encounter, rest assured knowing there are competent professionals ready to provide the necessary assistance within the Long Beach area. We will ensure your journey toward the perfect smile with minimal disruption and discomfort.