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Retainer Care in Long Beach, CA | Garlington Orthodontics

Upon completion of orthodontic treatment, the next crucial stage is wearing retainers. As provided by Dr. Mark Garlington at Garlington Orthodontics in Long Beach, CA, retainers play a vital role in preventing newly straightened teeth from shifting and causing orthodontic relapse.  

Retainers are not just an afterthought in orthodontic treatment. They are a critical part of keeping the results achieved through braces or aligners. Wearing retainers may seem like a minor inconvenience compared to the active phase of treatment. However, retainers are crucial for your smile.

Retainer Care

The Importance of Wearing Retainers

Even after your teeth have been moved into their desired position through orthodontic treatment, factors such as teeth grinding and chewing can encourage orthodontic relapse. Therefore, most orthodontists recommend wearing a retainer to reduce the risk of tooth shifting post-treatment. To avoid any complications after completing your orthodontic treatment, it is essential to wear your retainer as prescribed by your orthodontist.  Once you begin wearing your retainer regularly, we will schedule periodic check-ups with Dr. Garlington. This helps us make sure that your teeth remain in their proper position.  

Types of Retainers Offered at Garlington Orthodontics 

At our office in Long Beach, we offer various types of retainers tailored to individual needs for optimal results. Invisalign Vivera retainers guide and position the teeth. This creates a more aligned smile even after repositioning during treatment. They help maintain this alignment once set in place. Bonded retainers attached to the backside of either upper or lower arches (or both) provide tooth positioning without removable appliances. As a result, these require less daily maintenance while ensuring effective smile retention. In our office, we have a 3D printer to make retainers in-house for phase 1 patients. The team at Garlington Orthodontics will instruct you on how best to clean and care for each type of retainer.  

Caring For Your Retainers

To ensure long-term success with our Invisalign Vivera retainers offered at Garlington Orthodontics, it is crucial to follow the care instructions provided by our team. Avoid applying heat of any kind to your retainer. Rinse your retainer with cold water after removing it and before placing it in your mouth. Always store your retainer in its case when not wearing it. Also, clean the retainer after each meal for optimal hygiene.

Furthermore, staying vigilant for any signs of wear or damage and seeking timely adjustments or replacements from your orthodontist can prevent complications and maintain optimal retainer function. By investing time and effort in retainer care, patients can safeguard their investment in orthodontic treatment and enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come.

Retainers: A Long-Term Investment

With proper care and maintenance, retainers can last many years, supporting the health and structure of a new smile. Our office also offers an affordable Retainers 4 Life program, ensuring you always have access to replacement retainers. Remember that if your retainer fits loosely or experiences damage while stored, contact us immediately for an adjustment or possible replacement.  Dedication to regular wear, along with appropriate cleaning habits, can ensure long-term orthodontic success following treatment completion